Scary, American, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

The icon lives on. This time in bright orange and with 563kW of raw American power!

Few names are as iconic as Chevrolet Corvette. In fact, plenty car enthusiasts would argue that within the American car-loving psyche, Corvette is possibly as well loved as Mustang - and for many, even more so. Certainly, the new Corvette ZR1 is far more interesting to look at than the new Ford Mustang, and there's something deeply aggressive and moving about its lines that make you a little scared. It's just the feeling you want to feel when you look at a Corvette.

Americans have always been great at making cars a little crass - and it's precisely that design language that we pine for when we buy American. We want the muscle, and we want the world to know that we have the muscle when we have it - and that there is how it should be!

Italians also overdo their cars, but their designs seem deliberately romantic, and like studying abstract art you believe it looks good because someone said it does. For the most part, they're right. The Germans are understated, and sometimes a little boring for it. The English prefer the image of class, whatever that is, and the Japanese are somewhere in between. 

The Americans however, have a proudly defined car culture that resonates from this Corvette ZR1 in the most brilliant way possible, especially in orange, which they describe as the Sebring Orange Design Package. Why? We have no idea but less exciting human beings would probably choose the gun metal grey and that there is a tragedy: Orange here never sounded and looked so good!

Certainly, it brightened up our Monday until...

Until we learnt that it will cost about R2.5 Million to own, but that there is none of our business because it won't be sold here anyway!

Talk about a depressing way to start the week.