RAESR Tachyon: Electric Hypercar with silly numbers

California-based hypercar manufacturer, RAESR, have created an electric monster with 932kW - and 5000Nm of torque!

Some numbers are impressive. Others are crazy. Some numbers though, like 5000Nm of torque (well, technically 4,949Nm) are just silly. Absolutely silly.

Now, let me give you an idea of what this means. Bear with me here; through some boring technicalities that I wouldn't usually explain, but for the sake of this hypercar, must be explained. You'll thank me later.

For those who need know, torque, explained simply, is the power with which a wheel can turn itself. The higher the amount of torque, the easier it is for the wheel to turn. It is especially convenient having a huge amount of torque when you're towing a caravan for example, or going off road. This makes it easier for the vehicle to propel itself forward.

You see, when going off road, speed is irrelevant. Climbing dunes or navigating dongas can be done exceptionally slowly if the wheel carries on turning. That's the most important thing. When using low range on a 4x4, torque is maximised via a set of unique gear box ratios that helps the wheels to carry on turning under severe stress. So, the higher the torque, the more likely it is you're not going to sit vas in your Ford and have to call your neighbour's neighbour who owns a Toyota Land Crusier to have to come tow you out.

So, now that we're on the same page, I want you to consider this then. Let's say for example you do own a Ford: A Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi Double Cab XLT 6AT 4x4. That there is the top of the range diesel Ford Ranger, which pushes out an impressive 470Nm of torque. It will get you through most places, most of the time, and you can be proud knowing that you own a machine that can drive you to Mozambique in December, or to Fourways, via several hundred no-park zone pavements.

Now. Digest this then. This here RAESR, charged via the same plug as your hair straightener, pushes out ten times more than your Ford - ten times more "torques" than the top of the range and best selling double cab in South Africa. It has over ten times the amount of power than the same machine you take on holiday with Mom and Dad, trailer, jetski and all, and the damn thing is charged at the kettle that boils your coffee.


Looks a bit like a batmobile though. Not so sure about that. Are you?

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