Italy's new sports car, the Dallara Stradale!

When South Africans produce rugby players, they're probably the best. When Italy produce sports cars, they're probably the best too. 

Let me explain: Every country has its strengths and South Africa has two prominent ones. The first is rugby and the second is cricket - and no matter our sporting woes at the moment, South Africa will always be renowned for producing quality players in both sports because that's our thing.

Italy however, are renowned for other things. Many things actually. Soccer, yes. Pizza, yes. Pasta, most certainly. But, for the sake of this magazine, beautiful and fast cars are surely Italy's greatest export, so we're ecstatic to announce that Dallara, who usually spend their time making suspensions for other cars, has decided to go at it alone and create an ultra compact sports car to compete with the likes of the Lotus Exige and BAC Mono. It's called the Stradale - and it looks real nice.

Stradale means 'road' in Italian, which is fitting. This type of sports car will be renowned for sticking to the road and handling like a fly as it weighs just 885kg, and is deliberately designed to corner slick. The insignificant weight of it comes compliment of some very clever carbon fibre work that you'd imagine a very saucy and proud Italian screamed 'Bravo!' when he reached the 885 target.

Ethnic generalisations aside though, this truly looks like a brilliant piece of Italian engineering that comes with a small and powerful engine too. It boasts a 2.3 litre straight-four, capable of 295kW. It means, for those who would like a reference point, it's 80kW more powerful than a Subaru WRX STi in a body half the weight. Jip. It will be ridiculously fast. How fast? We're not sure yet, but enough to make you mouth a few swear words when you put your foot flat.

But, will it be sold in South Africa? Probably not, but you may find one or two in elite showrooms across the country. Keep a lookout! If you spot one, grab a pic and send it our way.