Monstrous, outrageous Tesla Roadster unveiled!

There are NO words to describe this machine. But we will try anyway.


Holy bananas!




He banna!



My chana, luister hier Omfowethu.

Yoh, yoh, yoh!

This man Elon Musk, Tshwane-born, don't play no games. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the new Tesla Roadster, or should we say Tesla does! Certainly, the fact that it has 3 electric motors and a 200kWh battery pack literally means nothing to us. For all I know, that's the size of my razor.

Apparently though, it's not.

So, as you digest the next 5 points, consider the fact that the Tesla Roadster also has a 1000km driving range, which is a number that is stand-alone impressive until you read the next 5 points.

Take a breath.

0-100km/h in 1.9 seconds - the fastest accelerating car in the world!

0-160km/h in 4.2 seconds - that's faster than a BMW M4 gets to 100km/h!

402km/h - top speed!

8.9 seconds quarter mile. The fastest production car in the world over that distance.

10,000 Nm of torque - that's ten times more wheel-turning power than the top-of-the-range Ford Ranger.

Ma'gents and my ladies. The font is even bigger for this one last and outrageous fact.

That's just the base model...