Aston: We're fed up!

Yes, Aston are feeling bullied. They’re sulking because you think their cars used to all look the same. Ag shem…

Yes, there is nothing quite like a major car manufacturer having a good ol’ sulk. They’re fed up because people keep commenting about how their Astons used to all look the same, and now they're relieved that they can finally offer something with a bit more variety.  

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As is reported in Car Magazine, Aston’s chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, commented recently in an interview with CarAdvice that he is “fed up with all the comments that all the cars look the same.” He then went on to explain how previously Aston Martin was shackled, and that the “handcuffs came off” with new CEO Andy Palmer, and now they’re “able to show what [they’re] capable of doing”. 

Well, Aston, there’s two things we can say about this. One, your cars did look the same - you’ve just admitted it - so why are you fed up? And two, we’re happy now, like you, that they don’t look the same anymore – so what is the point of this conversation? For the sake of a discussion though, and to make you feel a little better, Aston - not all cars that look the same are necessarily a bad thing. Look at Porsche. They’re not sulking about the nonstop commentary about design incest, and prove that you can still look good and sell the same thing over and over again, without a creative officer needing to sulk about it. To be honest, previous generation Astons were actually pretty enough for us not to worry about the fact that they looked all the same, but now that it’s been mentioned, now that we know you were sulking about it, it will be all we think about when we see an older gen Aston. Ahh Aston, if only you made like Frozen and let it go… 

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