Angry Aston Martin rips into Bentley and Porsche

In an astounding bundle of words, Aston Martin have ripped into competitors Bentley and Porsche for a lack of innovation.

Well, it’s certainly been Aston’s week! After unveiling their stunning new Vantage,  in boomslang green nogal, they’re at it again. As is reported in Car Magazine, they’ve suggested that the Bentley SUV, the Bentayga, and the Porsche Cayenne are both posers - the former merely an Audi Q7 with a Bentley face and the latter a VW with a Porsche face. Speaking to CarAdvice about the Aston DBX Concept, which will ultimately become the Aston SUV, Marek Reichman, chief creative officer, said that it is “not an Audi Q7 with a Bentley face [and] it’s not a Volswagen with a Porsche face. I know it [the Cayenne] came out as a Porsche, but it started as a VW.”

Reichman, who seems to be doing his utmost best to become the most hated car personality in the world, was not holding back, and in a cocky spree of self-answered questions then went on to describe the DBX like this: “Will it be beautiful? Yes, because of that proportion. Will it look like an Aston Martin? Yes. Will it look like a DB 11? No. Like a Vantage? No.” This follows his rant this week about being fed up that the world keeps commenting about how Astons (the outgoing generation) all look the same - read it here - which, he then implicitly admitted is probably true. Mmm .

This guy needs some chill bro! He forgets that Porsche, indirectly and single-handedly, saved Aston Martin by embarking on the most innovative car journey 15 years ago. In a time when it was sacrilegious to turn sports car brands into SUVs, innovative Porsche did so anyway to save their sales. 

Almost every major sports car company has tapped into that energy, including Ferrari, Meserati and Lamborghini and will use sales of their SUVs to save their sporty icons, just like Porsche did. No doubt, Aston will do the same, hence the DBX, so Reichmann should rather be thanking Porsche for their bravery than t’chuning them! Aston, do us a favour: Just focus on making good looking cars. You’re good at that. Certainly, we want to hear how good the DBX is as a stand-alone without its competitors being dragged through the mud.