This is the most luxurious Range Rover ever!

With luxury on par with a middle eastern palace, the ultra luxurious version of Land Rover is truly fit for a prince. Or a princess. Either or. 

It's unfortunate that there is only one official picture of it available at this stage (seen below) before its official unveiling at the LA motor show, but we'd like you to use your imagination with this one. It isn't hard. Imagine a Range Rover. In a Range Rover. Times a Range Rover. Plus a Range Rover. What you get is a Range Rover so luxurious that any blue-light brigade would be proud to own one.

Yes dear friends from all across the African sphere - this is the all-new Range Rover SVAutobiography LWB and of course, we want one.

It's true: Each back seat reclines to 40 degrees, has calf and foot rests, and offers a ten inch display with 4G wifi. Why? Because whoever buys one can afford it. That's why. It offers 1.2 meters of leg room as standard and trust, it's all the leg room you'll ever need unless you're an 8ft giant. In that case you may want to consider a standard, family-sized American sedan.

The latest version of the SVAutobiography will be a ramped up version of this, the interior of the 2017 SVAutobiography. The long wheel base accommodates for the added leg room and lazy boy chairs.

Of course you'll need some celebratory entertainment to go along with the electro-entertainment too: A fridge down the middle will comfortably hold two bottles of champers for your back seat driving pleasure, for fuel during your political chats about a potential nuclear future. 

Finally, bags out back can be loaded via a "Power Deployable Veneered Loadspace Floor", which is, quite frankly, a very lazy and inconvenient way to pack bags as you have to make sure that all things balance and don't fall off the sides before redeploying it inwards. 

Not that that would be your problem anyway because to own one of these, you, no doubt, have a private driver anyway as the top of the range version - the V8 one capable of 415 kW - will cost around R3.5 million (give-or-take the finance minister of the time).

To be fair though,  this will always be expensive to own, finance ministers regardless, and certainly one for your goal shelf - you know, that shelf you reserve for all those things you're going to buy when "one day, when I'm big". Ah. The goal shelf.

So tell us then: If you had R3.5m to splash on a car, would you splash it on this? If not, what would you get instead?

Did you know that the original shape Range Rover lasted 26 years before been restyled? It launched in 1970. The 4X4ing world has never been the same since.