BMW i8 drops the top!

The new i8 Roadster is a thing to behold. But the most impressive thing is not what you'd expect.

Yes, it's here: The much anticipated BMW i8 Roadster, which, you'll be happy to know, is just like the i8, but prettier! Unfortunately, it is slightly slower, but when compared to the Tesla Roadster's ridiculous stats, who's counting anyway? You'll be more than satisfied with the amount of faces that will turn your way when you're in it and that there is surely the reason to own one of these in the first place.

Of course, you might also get no stares at all, as in electric mode you'll be quiet enough to go by unnoticed, unless of course a passenger walks in your way. Then, the i8 will automatically make a noise (hoot, we imagine) to tell the world to move out the way. Cool? Cool.

Yes, it still features its 1.5-litre motor by the way, and a set of electric ones that boost it on-up to a juicy total of 275kW - and what that means is you go very fast while protecting the earth and that there is surely another reason to own it (if of course the Tesla Roadster is out of stock).

It's the look of the thing that we love most of course, but fear that in time, like the R8, it may age quicker than it is meant to so, listen carefully BM, we hope that you already have a vision for its next version. Because, be assured, if BMW play Audi and release only one face every two decades (we can only hope it will be that soon until we see a truly new R8 by the way), then these words might not be so kind.


Well, you will notice as car lovers that cars as well designed as this, as futuristic-ally drawn, can age very quickly if they are not thoroughly refreshed, and like the R8, you can go from loving them to hating them overnight if their life is unnecessarily prolonged and there is no more love to give. Very few cars are pretty enough to last more than a decade and only the truly beautiful can claim to be classics on looks alone. On that assumption, the i8 has seven years left or so before we will demand a new one.

This i8 Roadster is really good looking - but it is not a classic. If BMW pulls the plug when the time is right (pun intended), then this here i8 Roadster will surely go down as one of best looking BMWs in history - where it will then belong - and we truly hope that that is how it plays out.

Philosophy aside though, this BMW, right here, right now, is still fresh and we love its new bronze offering that will truly differentiate it when you inevitably see it the flash suburbs of a South African city near you. Until then, you'll always have Google!

Finally, the reason we love it most is not what you would have guessed in a million years! Its LED lights have a shining range of 600 meters, or written more impressively, of over half a kilometer. That's cray-cray Bro. 

Who would have thought?