New Lamborghini 4X4 unveiled!

It's here! The most outrageous super car brand in the world officially has a 4X4 offering - the Urus.

When we consider Lamborghini's history, it's actually not that surprising that Lamborghini now has a 4X4, because despite being one of the world's leading super car brands today, if not the global leader in the outrageous of sports car design, Lamborghini actually started out as a tractor and to this day still produces award-winning farm machines.

Now, you probably know that already but the reason why that is significant is that it reveals a car brand that can adapt and diversify when it needs to, built on the success of its own history.

Indeed, Lamborghini was only able to produce a sports car in the first place because it was able to make so much money producing tractors - and the rest, as they say, is history. History however, we forget, was only 53 years ago and Lamborghini itself is actually still a very young car brand and who are we to make judgement that it should, or should not, look a certain way?

It shouldn't be surprising then that Lamborghini can still adapt in the 21st century in order to ultimately keep its dream cars alive for the sake of Lamborghini lovers the world over. After all, in a cut-throat automotive world, sports car manufacturers now only make 4X4s because 4X4s bring in the real money, which can then be used to make the sports cars we love. So the next time you see an outrageous Lamborghini Aventador for example, you can thank this here Urus - Lamborghini's new 4X4 - for its existence.

During the oil crisis of the 70s Lamborghini nearly disappeared all together, so you can thank your lucky stars too that we even live in a world where Lamborghinis even exist, whether those Lamborghinis are sleek and flat, or raised and fat.

Trust Lamborghini however, to make the latter quite striking as what you have here is truly the first proper sportscar-cum-4X4 that looks the sporting part and you'd be blind if you didn't know that this was a Lamborghini if you saw one.

As a stand-alone 4X4, it will never be as rugged (and in that never be as good looking) as a Jeep or a Landie but as a luxury SUV it has done to the competition what its super cars do to their super cars. It makes them look boring because this is probably the most exciting SUV we have seen since Cayenne made its hideous debut now 15 years ago, and that was only exciting because it was the first.

It was not Cayenne's fault it was ugly by the way; it was born to a Porsche era that just made ugly cars. The early noughties was not a good time for them.

This Lamborghini Urus is riveting though and you will be happy to know as a South African that it can go off road too. It utilises various driving modes to do so: Terra (off-road), Neve (snow) and Sabbia (sand) as three modes to remind you that you're in a car that can do the business. Whether it can do the business though remains to be seen.