A Dutch super car? Who would've thought

The Dutch obviously believe in brand exclusivity. They're so exclusive that only 3 of these special editions will be built, based on a car you never knew existed. Meet the Spyker C8 Aileron LM85.

This is not some West Rand tuning shop that pushes out six custom builds every three weeks for okes who roll their r's. No, this is Spyker, the Dutch answer to Ferrari and they're so exclusive, apparently, that only three of these limited editions will be built based on this outgoing model, the Aileron, which is either because only three people have laid down a deposit, or because no one knows who they are.

Considering the fact that you've probably never heard of them, we think it's probably both - but now that you do know what they're all about, know this: They've strapped a supercharger to this outgoing beast, which takes this thing from fast... to poes fast.

Now, pronounce Spyker with an Afrikaans accent and you might just feel a little aggrieved that you've never heard of it before, because yes, it sounds pretty awesome. In any accent though it pushes out 386kW and smashes 100km/h in 3.6 seconds, which is cool! We suppose. Cough*Tesla.

We do really like the colour schemes though and the idea that when you drive one you truly do own something that no one else owns is actually pretty shweet - and certainly, we really like it over here at Gusheshe. What sort of human can hate on another super car as interesting looking as this? Would they be human at all?

Spyker Aileron, we'll miss you, even though up until recently we didn't even know you existed.