See-through doors? The McLaren Senna has two!

The most powerful McLaren ever made is track ready and road legal. And - it has see-through doors. Sick!

There's something a little off with the face of the new McLaren Senna and we can't quite figure out what it is. But, that's not to say that we don't love it and think it looks brilliant! Which it does. It is the most powerful McLaren ever made and that's all you'll ever need to know if you're a fan of McLaren.

Wait, we know what it is. The front lights are too big - that's it. Don't you think? Mmm.

It arrives with a monstrous 588kW and 800Nm of torque, which might even be impressive if the Tesla Roadster didn't exist - and it goes from 0-100km/h in under 3 seconds. The twin-turbo'd V8 sits slap bang in the middle of a ultra high tech carbon body that has so many electric flaps for air-guzzling aerodynamics that you'd think you were in the latest Boeing come landing time.

The backside of it is very cool too, and if you owned one you'd probably be the coolest guy on your street because it is outrageously crass, which is how all hyper cars should be. The coolest thing about it though are the see-through doors, which we first saw on the Switchback Jeep concept earlier this year. Unlike Jeep though, McLaren has persisted with the look - awesome - but it does mean that you have to drive with pants on.


Named after F1 royalty, Ayrton Senna (which is the ultimate gesture and brilliant sounding too) McLaren will build 500 of these - all of which have already been sold. Sorry for you then if you were hoping to spend your last R13,8 Million on one because that's what it costs to have one in your garage. Truthfully, it is a little much for a car these days, even one as outrageous and brilliant as this.

Pity. We had our hearts set on it.