Tesla Model S - Shooting Brake?

Dutch designer, Niels van Roij, has taken the Tesla Model S and designed a Shooting Brake version. It's the trend these days.

If you've been on the cusp of motoring for the past two years or so you will notice that there's a new design trend in town. It's called the Shooting Brake, which is basically the replacement (and better looking shape) of the dying estate, and can be best understood as a hatch back with four doors. Or a low-hung 4x4 with smaller wheels. Something like that.

However you describe it, the most important thing to know right now is that it's the most popular motoring trend at the moment (after electricity) and Gusheshe predicts that it will become exceptionally popular here too, especially among the young and trendy South African family.

Take its shape then and amalgamate it with electricity and you'll truly get 21st century-trendy; the environmentally conscious, the stylish and, no doubt, the healthy-earning too will be all over this Shooting Brake as it's a Tesla. Which in motoring terms is currently the coolest thing you can like - or pretend to. This is a car for the 20s and Niels van Roij has seen it. Hence, the effort to design one at his London-based studio, which you'll know is his because it's called Niels van Roij Design.

The recently released Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake. It is absolutely spectacular.

The car itself will be built by Dutch carmaker, RemetzCar, in very limited numbers (only 20), so no, don't ever expect to see one. But, do expect to see many more Shooting Brakes over the next couple of years and that there is the trendy truth of it.

If you don't like them: Too bad we suppose. That's what car designers are saying. But, to be honest though, we can't see why you wouldn't, because here at Gusheshe, we think they're fresh. Fresher than fresh!