Jeep Wrangler goes (Oupa) old school

If you're going to do a Jeep - do it like granddad did it!

As is reported in Car Magazine German tuner, Geiger, have created a Jeep Wrangler in dedication to the original Willys Jeep that will cost you around R1.2 million to own, and will feature a sick army-green spray job (nato-green technically) and a soft top that looks like it was cut up and sewed by your little sister.

Jokes - we know that's "the look" and we absolutely love it. As for the motor, all that mechanical stuff remains unchanged. Pity.

By the way, if you want one you best get on your horse because there are only 10 of these being built, which is a little stingy if you ask us! But then again, why would you ask us?

If we were allowed to give advice we would tell you very clearly not to waste your money on this, and to rather build up an actual war Willys instead (seen on the right) that will look cooler, drive tougher and hold its value for longer!

It's that simple guys.