Toyota's new super car?

Toyota are also going hyper. Is the GR super sport their answer to the Mercedes Project One?

Gazoo Racing, the awesomely named racing performance banner of Toyota, have teased the Toyota GR Super Sport Division Concept, which is set to be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon next month. It takes its inspiration from Toyota’s Le Mans competitor and looks to incorporate its flared wheel arches, big rear wing and most noticeably its body- cutting shark wing. With a whiff of Mercedes Project One about it (in looks but most importantly in purpose and presence too), it will be one of three Toyota sports cars to be unveiled next month, the next of which is the 86 GR (a performance version of the 86) and the Vitz (Yaris) GRMN. The latter will be released in extremely limited numbers in Japan only and will be based on the rally version of itself. Incidentally, the GR Super Sport also takes cues from the rally version of the Yaris. How? We have no idea yet.

The Yaris GRMN. A sick boy racer.

Add all of this to the unbelievably good looking Toyota Supra (an assumption based on the concept at least) – and what you have is a Japanese brand taking it to the Europeans and Americans in full (revving) force! There is something special about the street-racer-cum-Tokyo-drift feel to sporty Japanese cars and we hope all of these new far east options will be overflowing with their typical racing presence. Bring on 2018! Bring on Tokyo!

The FT1 Concept upon which the new Supra will be based. We know. Amazing.

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