M Power? More like G Power!

So you've seen what M Power does to BMWs. If you like that, wait till you see what G Power does! 

As is reported in Car Magazine, G Power, which is a German tuning company that makes M BMWs even more ridiculous, has taken the fight to Lamborghini and created a super SUV, a BMW X5 M powered by G-Power, which trumps the new Lamborghini Urus on the number front.

Jip, "the high-performance German SUV’s 4,4-litre twin-turbo V8, [is tuned] to a whopping 551 kW and 980 Nm. Maths addicts will quickly work out that is some 73 kW and 130 N.m more than the Urus." Now, the performance stats that matter have not been unveiled (that is how quick it dashes to 100km/h) but we do know that it taps out at more than 300km/h, which is never, never, ever a speed any one should be travelling in a machine as heavy as this.  

Regardless, it does make us smile and for the sake of cross media engagement, Gusheshe will now answer what Car Magazine asks as it rounds its own summary of this, the BMW X5 M G-Power. It asks its readers, us, if we would choose this or the Urus. 

As we are BMW fans, we would usually say BMW. We love BMWs and Lambos should remain sports cars and nothing else. We however, will ask our readers this though...

Have you seen the Lamborghini Urus? If you have, you might want to reconsider.

Read it ll about it here.