Merry Christmas - Audi R8 to be sacked!

The Audi R8 has run its course and is rumoured to be sacked by 2020.

No, this is not April Fools. It is a Christmas present for car loving fools the world over. As is reported in Car Magazine, Audi's famous R8 (the one we once loved, then got bored of and now absolutely hate) is finally, finally and most finally getting the sack! Well, that's the rumour at least - and we love it.

This is according to Automobile Magazine who report that Audi are considering cutting it after sales have gone through a slump. Well, that's no surprise, Audi. It's nearly two decades old! 

This is not the first time we've been bored with Audi. In fact we were bored enough make this - [PODCAST] Boring, boring Audi. Just another boring Audi.

Yes, GT Mag has been very vocal about the tragedy of Audi of late, and so will not curb its enthusiasm that the once great icon, the R8, will finally see its end. It is a real pity, sincerely, because the R8 really was awesome once upon time, but years of no innovation, boring brand features and nothing to rave about since the original R8 itself, has left us with no other choice but to celebrate its demise. Why? In the hope that something beautiful will come from its ashes!

When the R8 was unveiled as a futuristic machine in iRobot (2004), it was sick! And then? What now? Nothing!

Audi better pull itself together though.

Since then, BMW and Mercedes have pushed on. BMW has just given us the i8 Roadster, the new Z4 and a monstrous X7 built for giants. Not to mention the coming 8 series of very pretty proportions. 

Mercedes have given us the gift of the gull wing, a superbly designed CLS and all-round new look, not to mention the AMG GT S, some other Godly concepts and of course this, the Project One - the ultimate.

What can Audi do to compete? Step 1. Get rid of your old super car and stop pretending it's new.

Seriously though (as if we haven't being serious enough), what on Earth has Audi given us in the last ten years? A drone to light your way to the front door on a dark night? Yes, that actually was a thing this year (check out the Aicon concept below) which, despite being ridiculous, was at least some sort of life from the 4-ringed Germans that we hadn't seen in years. 

Aicon. Like the convict! Except this ridiculous thing comes with with a drone. Read all about it here . 

Look. We loved the R8. We really did. But at least if it's gone, then someone or something will be forced to design something fresh. Surely, surely, anything else will be a step in the right direction.

Because, the last thing we need is another gimmick like a rear-wheel-driven R8. Or a green one. Like this one. The V10 Plus. I mean come on Bro...

We need an Audi to redefine the world like the R8 did when it came. That's what we want. Give us what we want Audi. Give us what we know you are capable of! 

Until then, thank Father Christmas for this news. The Audi R8 is a goner!

Merry Christmas folks X X X 

Remember the RS4 and it's V8 rumble? That's the filthy Audi we want! Put it on your Christmas list for next year.