WATCH: New G-Class is "stronger than time"

The G-Class teaser video incorporates Jurassic Park elements to highlight the success and strength of the Mercedes legend.

Bonang Matheba is preparing her next purchase: It's the all-new 2018 Mercedes G-Class. You know, the Mercedes you buy when you've got more money than writing skills. Yoh. Cold...

Jokes Bongs! In fact, Bonang's purchase will probably be the best purchase she'll ever make, if indeed she buys it like we predict all celebrities will. Including Kendall, who you might know is the only Kardashian left who matters.

Jokes Kim! Kendall is a Jenner.

But, why a beaten and bruised safari-mobile? Well, because the G-Class is pimp. And effortless. And classy. And stylish. And rugged. And now, if the teaser video is to believed, even stronger than time. Truthfully, it offers what only Mercedes can. Yes, what other brands wish they could emulate: To look as good in the hands of Bonang as in the hands of your middle-aged and balding neighbour, and that there is pure brand genius.

Whether you safari in the Kruger or jam it up in LA, the G-Class is the dream car you want to do it in and Mercedes understand that all too well. That's why it will arrive pretty much exactly as you remember it and indeed why its Jurassic-like teaser video plays on the fact that its DNA has survived the motoring eons. Indeed, some shapes are just better when they're unchanged and the Mercedes G-Class is one of them.

The original G-Class. Since 1979. What's changed? Nothing really. That's why we love it. (Image: AutoEvolution)

It remains the legend we've loved since 1979 and we thank Mercedes for not messing it up. Unlike the Defender, it will be chiseled into the psyche of a new generation of car lovers and that's how it should be. To be officially unveiled on the 15th of this month, it will come with an all-new platform, some spacing adjustments, a new interior and its old and brilliant face. Perfect!

Well played Mercedes. Well played. Land Rover, take heed!

Watch the teaser video here. We dig it! Do you?