A slice of midnight madness you can buy

The KTM X-BOW GT4 is a spruced-up version of its old self and it comes with re-enforced neck support. Thank goodness.

Take a look at this slice of midnight madness that yes, you can buy for R2.3 million if indeed there was one for sale. Because, as always with cars like these, it will be produced in such limited numbers that it will make you question why we're even telling you it exists because you'll probably never get to drive or own one anyway.

Well, we'll still tell you anyway. Why? Because you love hot cars and this one looks real good, even if some stingy Sam only wants to make 15 of the buggers, which upsets us. Selfish!

Anyway, it has a lot of fancy little upgrades this midnight-black X-Bow, that all stem from an Audi-powered 2-litre that pushes out 700 N.m of torque. It means that you'll thank your lucky stars that it also comes with a LMP headrest, which sommer makes your neck sit vas when you're screaming around those corners.