Kia teases the Niro EV SUV

Kia has an all electric SUV on the way. These teaser shots suggest that we should be a little excited.

Kia, our favourite ugly Matric Dance date turned pretty, has teased its Niro EV concept, which is an all electric SUV said to be unveiled at the Consumer Electrics show next week.

It is a large part of Kia's transition to electricity, and will likely form part of Kia and Hyundai's new 31 vehicle lineup, which will all feature some form of electric propulsion by 2020. It boasts "beyond autonomous" driving technology and no, we also not sure what that means. You'll be happy to know however, that it will also arrive with 5G wifi.


As such, like a new phone, it will age quicker than a smoking Ouma and you should be ready to upgrade it before you've had the chance to fully enjoy its other cool features like the all-new ‘motion graphic’ lighting system, which again, we're not sure what that is.

As is reported in AutoExpress UK, the Niro will feature two models, the first of which only has a 300km driving range (who would want that?) but the second, will don a far more tolerable 500km. Much better!

Regardless, we look forward to seeing it unveiled next week to, if anything, get another taste of Kia's amazing power to consistently surprise.