Mercedes, you camping beauty!

New X-Class camping concepts make our favourite thing to do that little bit easier - showering! And camping. Of course.

Photos: Daimler Global Media Site

Yes (and thank goodness), Mercedes have offered the solution to all of our camping woes: They've released two camping concepts that will make any African excursion a better one - and that there is great news. Why? Because we all know this one terrible fact: The only problem with camping... is camping.

Regardless, the GT Team loves camping. Of course it does. It lives in Africa and there isn't a better place to camp than here - is there? - and when that process is made a little easier by funky and innovative concepts then, well, we ought to be excited.

To be fully unveiled at the Caravan, Motor, Touristik (CMT) show, the first concept, by Tischer, is a demountable cabin-come-caravan which, to be honest, looks grand enough to be a 3-star hotel (that you should probably be renting instead because it's not really camping anyway), and the second, a compact concept by VanEssa is a pull-out kitchen that they suggest should be coupled with a roof tent. No doubt...

How's this though? Despite the fact that you will look a little bit like an idiot if you buy it - just a tad - the former canopy/caravan/hotel offers what it says is "enough space to take a shower".

Ahh. Now that's glamping!

I mean camping...

We want one ASAP!