Toyota builds ridiculous self-driving bus

It looks like a little bus. It drives like a little bus. But, hold on people, it ain't a little bus! It is everything but a bus.

Yes, all the rave is about autonomous at the moment and Toyota have created an all new EV and self-driving concept called the E-palette. Despite the fact that it looks like something out of Wall-e, and makes you feel very detached from Planet Earth, it is actually very clever - and downright ridiculous.

Yes, it is not only an Uber that can transport you from place to place, but it can refashioned by different companies to be, well, pretty much anything everything. It can be reworked in 24 hours to become anything you want it too...

Like a moving Pizza Hut - convenient.

Or a moving delivery van - because deliveries driven by humans offer too many jobs these days!

Or a moving desk - because braking and accelerating while typing stimulates the creativity!

Or a moving shoe shop - because I've always wanted to buy shoes while on the move! Haven't you?

A moving hotel room - because getting hijacked while you're sleeping is so much more fun!

Or a moving lounge - because normal lounges are too relaxing.

I mean, who doesn't want a moving Italian restaurant? We all know that pasta digests easier on the move, especially with the chef listening in on your conversation.

And how's this? A moving hospital shuttle! Because we always, yes always, like to meet who might die that day! Wow, thanks Toyota.

How about a moving gym? Yes, a personal pod to sweat in before the other person boards. Nice!

And then of course, our very, very favourite: A moving handcraft market - because we cannot tell you how many times we've been searching for a handcraft market and couldn't find one. Now, it will come to you!

Damn bro. This Toyota has it all.