New Subaru WRX STi teased!

Yes, those mad men over at Subaru are coming in hot!

Following the Subaru Viziv Performance concept unveiled at Tokyo last year, we're about to get its STi version. Yes please! It is fueling speculation that this will be the awesome new Scoobie that we could be driving by 2020, and that there my brothers and sisters is outrageously good news. Take a look at this tease. It's sexy!

Nothing more has been unveiled yet, but know that it can accommodate hybrid and electric technology, which can only be a good thing considering the amount of torque electricity produces these days.

Hey, as long as it pants Rrroshhoooo after every gear change, comes with a flat cap and a vessie - and of course, goes like blue murder, we will love it regardless, no matter what's under the hood.

Bring it on!