Tesla, pasop! Meet Fisker...

The battle on the Western Front heats up as Fisker is world's first car to feature "butterfly doors". Say what?

Fisker Inc.

It says much about how far electricity has come that the most interesting part about the new Fisker EMotion is its "butterfly doors", which make this 4-door machine look sick! No doubt, it's crazy to think that the 650km driving range (with a possible nine minute long, 160km top up) is not as interesting as its brilliant electric motors, which push this machine to 100km/h in under 3 seconds.

Nope, the Tesla Model S, its direct competitor, does not drive as far, nor does it have as much power, but it is quicker to 100. So, in light of these very silly and brilliant stats that we hear most often now, it's understandable that the "butterfly doors" are what interest us most. Indeed, they can make anyone look like a CEO!

On the looks front however, the overall profile does scream Tesla, albeit pretty, and you'd have to really know the difference between the two (by reading articles like this) in order to tell them apart on the road. Still, the profile of the EMotion is very powerful and there's no doubt it's a nice looking car. Not life-changing. But nice looking. The back however, is especially fresh!

Officially unveiled at the Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas, it did come with some significant news that may redefine electric driving yet. Future Fiskers will boast a solid-state battery, unlike conventional and liquid lithium-ion ones, which can recharge in as quick as 60 seconds. This game changing tech is set to be unveiled very shortly and will cement Fiskers spot in electric folklore.

As for pricing? Well, there's no word on a South African arrival, but if you like buying American cars and keeping them there, expect to pay R1.6m.