Toyota unveil stunner in Tokyo!

Yes, the GR Super Sport Concept is here and we're sorry we ever questioned the Japanese automaker.

Toyota Gazoo Racing

Take a look at this son. And while you do, Toyota take a bow.

Now, we know we're only 12 days into the new year, but this new Toyota sports car, prepped by its performance division, Gazoo Racing, is absolutely stunning and it's going to take something extraordinary to trump this thing in the year to follow. Indeed, it is exactly what we're looking for when we're looking to drive hyper - and, is it, dare we ask, even cooler than the Mercedes Project One?

Boom! The barely legal Project One unveiled!

There is no answer to that unfortunately (well, at least not beyond the realms of your own mind) so we won't try sway you; but, be comforted knowing that the Japanese brand considers this piece of brilliance as its sporty future, which is both good and bad for us all. Good because, well, look at the thing and bad because it will be "some time [yet] before you all have the opportunity to get behind the wheel" and that is the saddest news we've heard all year.

Nothing of performance significance has been unveiled yet but know that this is a hybrid that will produce 735kW when it arrives, which stems from a series of very potent electric motors and a 2.4-litre twin turbo V6 that is pretty much on par with the Mercedes Project One, and you'd be reasonable to assume they will produce similar stats and times.

We can only hope though, for our sake, that this hyper monster is not on par when it comes to costs. Yes, remember the Project One will cost around R40 million, which of course, is just silly.

Although, let's be serious, what's not silly when it comes to cars like these? Jip, don't be surprised when 8-figures are inevitably unveiled.