Will this be the new Scoobie STi?

As promised, the Viziv Performance Concept WRX STi. Nope, we're not disappointed either!

Photos: Subaru

Well, Subaru have made us all giggly yet again: Take a look at this hectic character! It's the WRX STi version of the Viziv Performance Concept that we promised late last week and as always, promises need to be kept (especially when they look this good). But, as we always say, as long as it goes like blue murder (yes, it has to be blue) and screams rooshooo when it does, then we will love it regardless.

But this? Wow. This is especially sick and we thank Subaru for being brave.

Indeed, this could very well be what the new WRX STi looks like when it arrives in 2020, but also expect it to arrive with significant changes under the skin. Don't worry, they're mostly good though! Like hybrid tech - which can only be a positive thing for your trigger happy right foot but, and bizarrely though, it will be released with an automatic gearbox only, which removes the Fast and Furious'ness of the experience we love and cherish.


Yes, for some reason technical, stemming from the need for safety, the STi will not feature a manual because of "Eyesight safety technology", which, as you may know already but not care for, is an intense safety setup that will force this STi to be automatic. Why? We have no idea bro. Sad.

Still, we love it and hope that Subaru is brave enough to keep it looking just the way it is. Bring on 2020!