C63 AMG? Nope - it's the 53!

Mercedes have bridged the gap to to their V8 monster, the AMG CLS 63, with this - the 53. It's hybrid - and it's blitz!

Photos: Daimler Global Media Site

There are few cars as iconic in South African car culture as the C63 AMG, but now we've also got something else to look forward to. It doesn't come with the same screaming V8, no, which purists will hate, but you can still enjoy a straight-six with two turboes to boot (one traditional and one electric) that will, you'll be happy to know, make you wet your pants.

It's all very fancy: It seems that the electric turbo (a compressor technically) will compensate for any turbo lag at take-off, by adding an additional 250Nm of torque, before the second turbo, powered by exhaust fumes, then kicks in. What it means is that the AMG CLS 53 AMG will hit 100km/h in 4.5 seconds, which will, no doubt, leave you smiling all the way up Van Buuren Rd.


So, consider this variant the greener, hipster version of the V8 if you will, which will allow you to feel slightly less guilty when you smack it around if, indeed, you're inclined to feel guilty about such things. Are you? Thought not. Because, you see, this will surely only be successful if its priced substantially less than the 63 anyway because why in Zuma's name would you want it if it's not? We will wait on the prices and see.

In the same breath though, the 63 is only slightly quicker to 100 (at 4.2 seconds) so it might be very difficult to justify its purchase over the 53 for any other reason than its engine sound (which is a thing of course, as you all know). Still, sound aside, is it worth having two versions of essentially the same car? We suppose that only time will tell.

Oh, and there's more by the way. The E-Class has not been left wanting either, because it now also gets the 53 name with the same tech, and we thought it worth a mention because of the cabriolet version. We're normally not convertible fans but this thing looks pretty sick and you'll be pleased to know that it also races to 100 in 4.5 seconds. Nice!

We suppose then it's up to you which you prefer. The cleaner 53 or the louder 63. We suppose it's nice having the choice, which begs the question: Will BMW offer the choice too? Will they counter with a smaller version of the M4? Watch this space!

The E53 AMG, cabriolet.