Toyota's new casual-core 4x4

The FT-4X concept is a real off-roader that will be sized smaller than the FJ Cruiser.

Photos: Toyota Press Room

Off road enthusiasts rejoice! Toyota are bringing us a new, small and real 4x4 that will have a shorter wheel base than the FJ Cruiser, which is good and bad. Yes, good because short wheel bases make for better 4x4s and bad because the back seat of the FJ Cruiser is already small enough so you can only imagine what the FT-4X Concept will likely offer when it eventually arrives.

Designed for millennials who "are fond of the outdoors" but who "operate almost always indoors" this concept will be a "casualcore" offering that will seamlessly transport you from the urbanity of your concrete garage to your outdoor adventure. Yes, Toyota hint that we're a generation of explorers as we push back against the tragedy of social media to create "our own reality". We're about making our own adventure!

Well, be that as it may (and true as that may be) they're basically unveiling a competitor to the Suzuki Jimny it would seem, which will only be a good thing if it is priced like one. Indeed, as a millennial in love with cars like this, know that I will only buy one if it is affordable. But, Toyota, as we know, has a habit of over pricing machines like this in Africa (take a look at the Rav 4), so we really hope that they've also tapped into the energy of "Millennials who are tired of being ripped off!"

Expect it to look like this when it arrives, but without as many flares and arches. Nice!