The Byton Dimension: Our terrifying motoring future!

Chinese start up, Byton, has taken this month by storm with an electric SUV that boasts unbelievable and creepy tech.

Yes, you've never heard of them before but Byton, a Chinese start-up with the worst name in history is already shaking-up the motoring world with this, the latest addition to the electric landscape - an electric SUV with hand gesturing tech, 5G and an experience out of Black Mirror.

The vehicle is significant for two reasons: Firstly, it is very impressive looking (which we have to appreciate) and possesses technology that not only rivals the likes of Tesla but in part, outdoes it. More on that later though!

For now, and secondly, the most significant point of all is the fact that it is Chinese, which speaks to the culture of Chinese pragmatism. It is no doubt symbolic of China's need to become a world leader in most things that their quick adoption of electric cars might quickly put them ahead of the motoring curve, as the world prepares for the next 100 years.

China understands all to well that the economy of transportation is large enough to invest in and, for the sake of the world, when an economy as large as China's makes electric decisions like this, it could very well be a turning point in global history.

China does not have motoring institutions like Ford or General Motors so it hasn't got the same need for those institutions to remain the same, in a cultural and economic sense. In short, what we're suggesting, or rather predicting is this: Tesla and the Americans may lay claim to the first and best production electric car in the world, but China might very well come to dominate the electric car industry over the next century as its pragmatism and reliance on excessive growth forces out electric cars like Byton.

The institution of oil and coal might very well be trumped (pun intended) quicker in the far east than in the West and for that reason you have to love Byton for what it is doing, as it may save the world from China, in an enviormental sense, and in so doing save China from itself. We need not look further than the air pollution of Beijing to understand that electric cars are perhaps more necessary in China than anywhere else.

Certainly, if this model is anything to go by it's not difficult to see that the electric race is well and truly underway and that China will, in the very least, be very much a part of it - and perhaps lead it soon if innovation like this continues.

Because on the car side of things, the side we care about, Byton claims that this car will boast ranges of between 400km and 520km when it arrives, with figures as powerful as the top of the range Ford Ranger. That's pretty much standard these days, we know.

But, unlike other electric cars, it will arrive on sale as early as next year! Not in South Africa yet, no, but when it inevitably does, or a future version of it does, it will cost only R550 000, which is even more extraordinary because it's actually affordable.

Its interactive display screen, which stretches across the entire dashboard, uses hand gesture technology that feels like something out of Black Mirror and the car itself, using clever senses throughout, will be able to give you feedback on your vital signs while driving and offer fitness advice.

Its artificial intelligence learns your habits and can make suggestions while driving that would feel, we can only imagine, like someone is reading your thoughts. It is quite literally the future right here, right now, and if it wasn't real and arriving next year, we truly wouldn't believe it.

Of course, later models will also be fully autonomous, which means you won't have to drive it anyway so you'll thank your lucky stars you'll have things to do in it. Yes, the less we drive, the more we will be able to do in a car, so in case you thought that all that creepy tech was unnecessary in a moving machine, well trust, it's not. In fact, it will probably become your best driving friend...

Yes, we love it for its innovation. But, to be completely honest, we're terrified of the future being painted for us - and you'll just have to watch Black Mirror to understand why.

Welcome to the Byton dimension. It's a horror film based on your future.