5 cars that defined Detroit 2018

Detroit, as expected, was a fiesta of memorable design and intriguing motoring choices. Here are the five cars that defined it.

5. Jeep Cherokee

The new Cherokee has dropped the split and wormy headlights for a more conventional and joined set of lights up front, with a refreshed backside and cool colour scheme. It's a welcomed face lift for a car South Africans will love and buy.

4. Ford Bullit Mustang GT

Dedicated to Steve McQueen's 1968 Mustang, this is a modern option to be offered in the iconic Dark Highland Green or Shadowy Black. Most importantly, it's a tuned version of the standard that is twice as powerful as your GTI. Yoh!

3. GAC Enverge

The most noticeable design flaw comes from the Chinese in a car that is released without any windows. Of course, such gimmicks only turn heads (which it did), but expect windows when it does arrive, fully electric and with a 600km driving range.

2. Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes must be commended for taking a design that is "stronger than time", keeping it the same and then making it look all new. We love the G-Class and love the fact that it is still the G-Class we dreamed about when we were kids.

1. The Infiniti Q Inspiration

The prettiest concept unveiled in Detroit was a luxury Nissan that gives you a heads-up into what future Infinitis will look like. Yes, spoiler alert, they will look very good and take the fight to the luxury saloon market. BMW and Merc - passop son!