All new BMW 8-series teased!

The final version of the 8-series concept will be unveiled in Geneva this March. Question is: Will it be as good as the concept?

No doubt, one of the highlights of 2017 was the BMW 8-series concept, which we even named as one of the 5 best cars of the year. So, to be quite honest, if the production version of concept (set to be unveiled in Geneva in March) is not as good as the concept seen here in awesome blue (which BMW call grey), we'll certainly have a bone to pick with the Bavarians. A big one!

Luckily, things are looking good so far. Kind've. Because yes, BMW have just teased the final version 8-series - a shadowy teaser of its backside (seen above) and if guessing games mean anything, things are looking fresh. We hope!

Take a look at this beautiful concept. We can only hope it looks this good!

To be honest though, we'd be lying if we didn't tell you more, because just days ago there was a leaked image of the un-unveiled 8-series in a garage, seen here in white, which made its way about the web in a flurry of gossip. The blurry image does seem real, but it is difficult to get a complete sense of the 8-series by looking at it from these sneaky angles.

Now, while the back looks great, we are a bit disappointed that the production version has shed the aggressive and skinny front lights of the concept and, to be honest, if the blurry image is anything to go by, it does not look as impressive as the concept.

However, we'll have to wait until March to see the final product in full, which could yet spawn a different opinion so no, we have not lost hope!

When it does arrive though expect it, at the very least, to be technically gifted, boasting everything from a smaller 2.5-litre to the screaming V8 of the much-anticipated M8, which of course, and as you would agree, will surely be the one to own.