WATCH: Brilliant Rimac is back with Concept Two!

Croatian hypercar, Rimac Automobili, is back. This time with something even more outrageous!

How's this: Rimac, the electric hyper car that gave us the outrageous Concept One that boasts 800kW, is now back with the Concept Two.

But, how do you beat a hyper car that races from 0-100km/h in 2.6 seconds, has a top speed of 356km/h and costs R11,500,000?

Remember the Concept One?

Well, here's how: You make a new one with 1118kW - and hope that the extra 318 brings about even sillier numbers! Well, that's what the internet hopes at least...

For now, just check out the teaser video that was released just a day ago.

Oh, and by the way, expect to see it Geneva!