The next great Lamborghini will feature electricity

In an unprecedented move, the world's 2nd most famous super car brand tells AutoExpress that the next great Lamborghini will be a hybrid.

Lamborghini certainly like speaking a lot. And speaking this time to AutoExpress, they have stated that their next flagship Lamborghini, the one that will replace the Aventador, will be a hybrid.

No, it will not feature a turbo or anything crazy like that - we know that Lamborghini doesn't believe in such voodoo - but it will, believe it or not, be aided by electricity because, well, they don't really have much choice. All of their major competitors have gone hybrid (and are better for it) and if Lamborghini want to remain relevant and in the race, it will have to do the unthinkable.

Jip, it will have to adopt the devil - electricity - to remain a world leader in the outrageously fast and stunning.

V10 and V12 live on, swear Lamborghini.

But what of fully electric?

“For us," they tell AutoExpress, "the super sport car must be able to do the fastest Nurburgring time, but it must be able to repeat this two or three times, it cannot be one shot.”

“At the moment with a battery electric vehicle you can choose to have power for one lap at high speed, or energy for more laps but slower speed. This does not fit with the supersport brand

“The next step in terms of our product range will be based on hybrid technology as the level of knowledge will be ready. Not for full electric vehicles, probably we need another loop of products. This will be next of next”.