The MSO X! Another special McLaren

McLaren have released yet another special edition McLaren. This one comes with a spoiler from Springs and a price tag. We think.

McLaren Media

If James Bond was real he would not drive an Aston Martin. Nope, he would drive a McLaren, designed and built by its MSO division, which is as intense and mysterious as it sounds. It stands for McLaren Special Operations, which is something you would hear on the news if the Hawks were raiding the office of another premier - and you were not allowed to know why.

Fortunately for us though we know exactly why MSO exists but it doesn't numb the frustration we feel for it because most of the bespoke McLarens they churn out we can't have anyway - even if we could afford them. This, the MSO X, based on the 570S, is just another example of one of those - a McLaren so special and expensive that only 10 will be made and of course, all 10 have already been sold.

By the way, that's why we suspect that it came with a price tag once upon a time but we can't be sure how much it was (even though we would love to know for our own sadistic pleasure). What we can be sure of though are the special paint jobs based on the McLaren racers of the mid-90s that make for a very shweet look, if paint jobs like this are your thing, of course.

We love them...

But, it's the spolier from the East Rand, the bonnet scoop from Chatsworth and the roof scoop from Athlone that we're most pleased to see, that at least differentiates this MSO X from its base model and makes it look like something worth taking a photo of.

Indeed, on the performance side of things, in the real world, it will feel very much the same as the 570s, but where it will shine most is on the track. Yes, that spolier, along with all those nooks and crannies, means an extra 100kg of down force, which will send any bespoke buyer to Pick n' Pay and back again with one helluva back ache.

419kW will ensure an interior as comfortable and luxurious as Oom Jan's Groot Trek wagon, with a suspension probably as hard. Worry not though, it will all be worth it! A special titanium exhaust system will make it bark and snap like a pissed-off pack of Pretoria pit-bulls and that there is the reason you will want to be seen it anyway. For the looks you'll get!

Aah yes, bespoke McLarens are as unnecessary East Rand spoliers. But just like East Rand spoilers, we absolutely love them. Don't you?

Happy Monday folks!