WATCH! Rich idiots wreck super cars

Nope, money doesn't make you clever. It makes you brave. Stupid brave. Watch with us as these idiots wreck the super cars of our dreams.

The last thing you want is to crash your car, never mind your super car that costs more than your granny's house. Well, yes, people from all across Mzansi, there are idiots out there who do such things and, indeed, there is an audience, like us, who enjoy to get a kick out of a show-off coming short, especially if the only thing that's hurt is their wallet.

Now, let's make this clear: GT Mag supports responsible driving. So, here's a taste of what can happen when irresponsibility trumps common sense and when people think they're Vin Diesel in the latest Fast and Furious - but then, they're not.

This is real life people. Keep it safe out there! Keep it safe.