All-new Hyundai Santa Fe looking fresh!

Now fully undressed (kind of) we finally have a good idea of the new Sante Fe. We likie!

Photos: Hyundai Media Newsroom

The all-new Hyundai Santa Fe is coming to Geneva, which you might think is not very exciting. And you're right - it's not. If we, as car lovers, had to get excited about soft SUVS, well, what would that say about who we are and the tastes we hold most dear?

But, hear us out for a minute...

Our preferences don't change the fact that this Santa Fe, albeit only a sketch for the moment until Geneva, is very good looking and will be bought by so many South Africans that you'd think we are mad not to be excited about it.

The new Hyundai Kona. This is Hyundai's new, small SUV option. Notice the shared faces.

The question is this then: Should we care about this Santa Fe, despite its nice face? Why should we care that mothers the world over will finally have a cheaper alternative to a Range Rover that looks good, goes safely and is massive enough to be enjoyed by 7-people-strong families, all the way from Cape Aghulas to Musina, off road and on?

Well, here's why: Because now they can! Isn't that worth celebrating? This will be an affordable, but as good an alternative, to an over-priced Audi Q7 and Mercedes GL - and isn't that just brilliant?

The profile was teased just a week ago.

Cars like this are the definition of inclusiveness if they remain affordable, and isn't it amazing that ordinary South Africans looking for 7-seater monsters, a safe and high-seated driving position, can now buy an affordable and good looking option?

We think it's pretty shweet. Maybe you should too!