WATCH! Lister, like blister, Boet!

British sports car maker, Lister, take fast cars and make them faster. Check out what they've done to this Jag. They call it Thunder!


The oldest sports car maker in the UK is a company you've never heard of before, but is appropriately named Lister. Like blister, Boet! Because when their products bark, you jump like you've touched a hot stove - hence the blister...

Now, they've taken an F-Type, bespoke'd it, tweaked it and pimped it out in Weir Nappa leather (which apparently is really good) and churned out this here Thunder: A piece of awesomely-named British armoury capable of 497kW, or, better described like this, a devlish amount of bhp - yes, 666.

0-100km/h in just over three seconds, they say, will add to the blister burn, which is nice, we say, because it's always nice when companies like this create niche vehicles for real car lovers, because it gives you the sense that they really love cars like you do - and are able to read your mind about factory-standard ones. If only Jaguar had made the F-Type quicker, we think, and bam! Now, you can thank Lister for reading your thoughts and answering your prayers.

Unfortunately, but necessary, only 99 of these will be built and sold, which will mean that is unlikely you will ever see one in South Africa but, if you do, know that the person driving one, shelled out at least R2.4 million for it, which, bespoke or not, is a lot of money to pay for a boomslang paint job and a name that your friends won't know anyway.

Of course, that is the point of it and adds to the reason why any one buys British sports cars anyway, never mind a Lister, so that they can stand at the braai and say, with an air of arrogance, that they drive a Jaaag. Or an Aaaaston. Or in this case a Liiiister. It all means they're so far up their own ... selves... that they don't know their Harry from their William but think that driving British makes them a little better than the rest of us fools.

In this case though, they might be right and you only have to hear the bark of the thing to understand why. Watch a quick review of it here, and listen out for the thunder at 2:35!