WATCH! Motoring lifestyle of the rich

Watch as this rich son of a gun gets his new Bugatti Chiron delivered, to then add it to his super car garage that includes Paganis, a La Ferrari and a Lamborghini Centenario!

If you have the time this morning, skip through this video and get a taste of the lifestyle that some people enjoy. It's madness. A little sickening too. But, here at GT-Mag, it's the cars that we love most so we certainly can't hate the guy's taste!

This super car garage is absolutely outrageous.

He boasts some of the rarest super cars around, including three Paganis (our favourite) that will make your tongue wag like a jealous little bull dog dying for some boerewors off the braai.

Please though, do not do what they do in the video. Speeding is dangerous. If it's speeding you want, head to Kyalami, or your local race track and enter quarter mile drag racing. There are set events that will leave fume-inspired!

Also, be aware that they do not skip red robots in this video. In the United States a right turn on red is subject to a yield.