Hey Mercedes! New tech-heavy A-Class looks to impress

With technology from Mars, the all new A-class is throwing shade at the Golf, the 1-series and the A3. There's more to it though: Is it better looking too?

One of South Africa's favourite class of cars, for reasons sporty and spacious, comes with a gimmick so cool that we can't help but love it despite how pointless and cheesy it is. Yes, one of the ways to engage with the all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is as easy as this: All you say is, "Hey Mercedes" and then, once engaged, you can shout out commands as vague as "I'm cold" and the A-Class will sort out the issue like a loving mother.

Ah, that's the life.

Of course, the tragedy of an aircon button was too much in this instance it seems and perhaps a little dangerous, suggest Mercedes. Is it though, we ask? Is it? We're not too sure that shouting out commands can make for safer driving, or if navigating essential driving commands through touch screens as interesting as a PS4 is the solution to accident-prone roads when self-driving cars are still not completely self-driving and like this here A-Class, is only partially so.

In fact, we'll argue then that it is more dangerous, surely, to drive something as interesting and brilliant as the new A-Class as you come to terms with its tech like a toddler comes to terms with an iPad. Indeed, how safe can you actually be if you're emotionally engaged with its interior, tapping about, while trying to change lanes on Empire and some guy just called you a p@#s?

Not very safe. Surely.

Still, the new A-Class does boast self-driving capabilities and predictive intelligence and can, hear this, even help you steer around corners. No doubt, we, like you, cringe at those people with a driving license who need help turning but, we'd be stupid and stubborn for the sake of our point to pretend that we don't see the advantages of self-driving and how it will change the future for the better.

Indeed, this A-Class does see 500m ahead of it and can react to things before you knew they were happening, which can only and forever be a good thing. Still though, it's just a little difficult to come to terms with this sort of modernity, in the same way Gogo never really came to terms with the internet. To this day she doesn't see the point of it despite your frustrations and, even if she does, she probably doesn't like it anyway.

Poor Gogo. Will she ever accept our world?