A Nissan 370Zki for the Znow?

It zounds like we've got a caze of poztnazal drip. Jokez on you! This Nizzan is fitted with zkis for the znow. It's zad for the famous Z to zay the leazt.

Ah the 370Z. The Audi R8 of sports cars that hasn't really changed and looks like it peaked, and should have been replaced, about five years ago. Alas, we still have it despite the fact that Nissan itself is so bored with it that the only way to spruce it up and give it a new lease on life is to remove its wheels all together and transform it into a snow ski.

Nope, you did not misread, nor have you miseen: This is a Nissan called the 370Zki (clever) and it uses the same old motor (a really nice V6 one) to propel itself through the snow atop military style snow tracks and a pair of skis.

Even this driver is like WTF bro...

Custom built so that car lovers would have a reason to speak about Nissan this morning, it is, in the very least, a head turner but, as you suspected, not commercially available and never will be. This is the only one in existence until, of course, someone bored decides to build their own one.

Jokes on Nissan though. Even if they did they wouldn't buy a 370Z to do so, despite the fact that the Z in 370Z is very conveniently present to replace the S in ski. Clever.

In fact - and to get a little deep for a moment - it would seem that the 370Z in general is without purpose lately in a world with better looking and cleaner alternatives; in a world where Nissan produces cars as brilliant as the GT-R.

Sadly, various reports throughout 2017 would suggest that there will be no replacement for the Z lineup, although nothing is confirmed. Pity, we say. We loved the original Z when it arrived. We really did.

Now, truthfully, we're sad that its had to become this ice cold circus show without any rubber to burn.

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