Golf, pasop! New Kia Ceed arrives swinging

The South Koreans are not playing games with this one. It's a lean, mean, red machine - and they've dropped the apostrophe! Okay...

You, like us, will be disappointed to read that there is unlikely to be a hardcore, hot version of the above sketch, which is a pity because the new Kia Ceed is dying for one! Alas, Kia seem unlikely to do to this Kia what Hyundai did to the i30 - and that there is relevant because they share the same platform and we know full well that it's possible.

Fine then. Be like that Kia...

Out of the two brothers though, and despite the hardcore, Hyundai N version of itself, it's the Kia that is the more impressive of the two (I mean look at the thing) as it continues on in an upward spiral of brilliance towards the hard-to-come-by and very South African loving lanes of the VW Golf. Yes, this will be a Golf rival, which is significant.

Significant in that you will now have another competitive option besides Golf to consider - a good one at that - and significant also because Golf, with competition like this, can only become better as time pushes on. Many rivals have tried and failed in South Africa - the Opel Astra one of them - but Kia seems to have learnt from their mistakes and is going for the jugular.

For hear this: Remember, last year we learnt that this Ceed will also be released as a shooting brake. Now, for those not sure what that means, imagine a sports car with four doors. No. Not the Porsche Panamera - but something good looking, spacious like a 4X4 but sleek like a racer. Yes, the Shooting Brake seen above and below, will be the shape of the 20s and we suspect that the Kia Ceed will be bought most in this format.

The Kia Proceed Concept shooting brake, unveiled last year, will give you a taste of what you can expect from Kia that Golf doesn't offer.

But wait, there's still more. Kia will also unveil a small crossover SUV version of this same design that will arrive as Mercedes GLA rival. Jip, it's a bombardment from the South Koreans then: A show of intent that looks to take over the world one Kia at a time.

Oh, and by the way: They've dropped the apostrophe from C'eed. Its now Ceed.


Front view of the Proceed Concept. Different to the Ceed coming to Geneva but both are stunning.