Yoh! Ranger goes Raptor

Ford has unveiled the Ranger Raptor and we love it! Still, we're a bit disappointed about the power...

Released in Thailand today, the new Ford Ranger has finally got the Raptor treatment, which is something, you will annoyingly know, that is normally reserved for the Americans. Not this time bro! It's coming here and we absolutely love it!

But, if you're expecting something crazy, like a V8 or something spectacular to snap at you, you're going to be disappointed. Yes, the new Ranger Raptor comes with a plain ol' 2-litre four-cylinder twin-turbo diesel capable of 157 kW and 500 Nm of torque...

It's like watching your China smack a few steroids, gym really hard and get really big - and then, watching him struggle to do a real life pull up. It's sad to say the least!

But, don't be too sad. This Ranger Raptor is still more powerful than the WildTrak we currently have so you haven't been done entirely wrong but, you'll be irritated to know, it is still less powerful, albeit slightly, than the top-of-the-range VW Amarok.

That doesn't matter though, at least according to Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer at Ford Performance, who said being Raptor-fied is not about the engine anyway: It's about the suspension.

“The Raptor is not about the engine. It’s about the chassis. [The special] shocks [on this] cost as much as an engine … literally. If you’re talking about power; if you’re focused on power, that’s not a Raptor. That’s not what Raptor’s about. It’s about the chassis and the suspension,”

He then went on to say: "When you go off-road, the whole idea behind this is conservation of speed. So, you’re not braking, accelerating, braking, accelerating. You just need a powerplant to keep you going.”

Now, we're not so sure about that, being from rugged Africa and all, but he does have somewhat of a point. Certainly, 500Nm of torque is nothing to scoff at, especially if it is power born from a lighter engine. Besides, this Raptor looks far better than the WildTrak and we imagine that it's off-roading, at least here in South Africa, will be kept to a minimum anyway.

Why? Because most will be bought by city slickers like us who spend far less time in the bush than we'd like to and this poor Raptor will be mostly subjected to the tragedy of Joburg and Cape Town traffic, and the apparent fun of climbing our back bumpers in the fast lane just because they can.

Now, that's what we're talking about! Bring on the Raptor, Boet. This is Africa, after all. T.I.A. Bakkies like this were designed for us!

Oh - and the price? Nothing released yet...