The Big Daddy! AMG G63 revealed

The world's flagship SUV is as brutal on the road as it is off it. Timeless, it is everything a rugged SUV should be: Inspirational on every surface.

Here's GT MAG's truth - we love the Mercedes-Benz G-Class more than any other SUV and we especially love the AMG version of it. Yes, it is the big daddy. The Papa Bear. The Big Dog. The G63 AMG, a SUV so luxurious, rugged and fast that it will likely leave you very despondent with your own four wheels, no matter what those wheels are.

But, there is an upside: Cars like these exist for two reasons. One, so Cassper can look pimp and two, so that you can have a reason to go to work in the morning: To work towards a dream so powerful that it dwarfs most other dreams. Yes, the G63 AMG is that sort of SUV, that sort of car, so let it be the inspiration you need to keep you going.

Soak it all in.

When it comes to SUVs of this nature, there is only one number that really matters. 0-100 in 4.5 seconds. That there is the money shot:

A safe family vehicle capable of BMW M4 performance. A safe, family car capable of bush diving, drag racing and baby seats. A safe, family car that looks as good in the hands of Cassper Nyovest as it does in the hands of Duane Vermeulen. Speak about versatility.

Of course, that has always been the Mercedes gift: The diversity of its audience. And, if ever there was a Merc to embody that gift - this is it.

Watch it's unveiling video right here.