Lexus ready BMW X1 rival!

The UX concept is expected to make its production debut at Geneva on 6 March.

The highly anticipated production version of the Lexus UX concept is officially expected to make its Geneva debut in the upcoming weeks and it's looking good for the Japanese automaker: The UX is striking and if Lexus keep to their word - their word being that they are done being people pleasers - then we can expect this concept to remain as close to the 2016 original as possible.

Cheers! Lexus are done being people pleasers

Unveiled now two years ago in Paris, the production version might yet adopt all of its brave lines and arches to truly heat up the segment. Goodness knows: The segment needs it!

Interestingly though, it is believed that it will arrive with a hybrid drivetrain, which goes against the philosophy at Lexus, which recently insisted that it will not adopt hybrid tech, but will rather wait for electric revolution to fully take hold and jump the hybrid bridge entirely to electric when it is ready.

Lexus skips unnecessary hybrids - or do they?

Well, whatever it decides - keep it looking good Lexus. Please! We're counting on you...