Italdesign tease Zerouno convertible

The bespoke Italian super car will drop its top at Geneva. Nice. We need a reason to look at it.

Although it certainly sounds like one, Italdesign is actually not a tile company. Nope, it's a car manufacturer that builds the Zerouno and the Zerouno, as you might know, is a super car that was released last year. As super cars go it is as bespoke as they come but not the prettiest thing if you've ever seen. That's for sure!

Regardless, they've thought it necessary to remove its roof anyway to bring us the convertible version of it, which will likely cost even more than the last five, which had a roof. Expect to pay at least R16,3 million for it and that's being a little conservative.

Worry not though - you won't be able to buy it anyway because only five will be built and it is likely that all five have already been sold. Those who own one will go from 0-100 in 1.9 seconds and will tap out somewhere near 400. That's not how fast the Zerouno is by the way: That's the Tesla Roadster next to it in the garage, which any buyer of this will likely own too.

This Zerouno however, will reach 100km/h in 3.2 seconds and tap out somewhere near 330km/h.

Nice, we suppose, if that day its owner is in the mood for a Sunday stroll.