Updated flying car concept expected at Geneva

An updated version of the Pop.Up, an innovative flying car by Italdesign and Airbus, is expected to be unveiled at Geneva.

The modern motoring world will change in three ways: Petrol will give way to electric. Driving will give way to autonomy and the skies, under-utilised in an age of mega-city congestion, will become a whole lot busier with so-called flying cars or drones.

Of the three, perhaps the last of these innovations is the most exciting (albeit the furtherest off) if we approach life as a excitable ten-year old, which, of course, we always should. No doubt, flying car technology is the coolest tech of all, from the looney Jetsons to warp-sounding Star Wars, from our imagination as flight-loving kids to the need to want to live in a place that can be zoomed about in a Tony Stark-like invention.

But, it's only because of drone technology that flying cars are now truly a reality and GT MAG has reported on several types that will be making their debut in the upcoming years. Of those, Lilium, a German flying car startup, is an innovative solution if we're to truly uncover a world of electric flying taxis.

Electric flying car start-up, Lilium, attracts Billion Rand Investment

The flying taxi, by Lilium.

But, it's the concept seen here, a drone-like invention by Airbus and Italdesign, that seems to be leading the pack at least in terms of concept and direction. Although it does not fly yet, like Lilium which does, the Pop.Up most resembles the drones we see today and best understands the need for flying cars to integrate with road going ones.

As such, it is quite literally both of those and most excitingly, is touted to become a reality within 7-10 years in major cities around the world. In the meantime, after its Geneva debut a year ago, it is believed that an updated version of it will follow this year and perhaps a debut flight too. At the very least though, a clearer set of timelines will likely be revealed to tickle our imagination. Well, we hope at least.

It utilises a capsule that can be ordered like an Uber - and then, like Uber, will pick you up with four normal rubber wheels. No driver of course - all autonomous. Then however, it will deliver you to a launchpad, where you will be connected to a flying drone without ever having to leave the vehicle. It's seamless, say Airbus and Italdesign, and seamless, according to them, is the future.

Until the future then we suppose. Until Geneva! Bring on the updated Pop.Up and some cool new flying news.

Check out a video of it here to get a glimpse into our potential future.