Special Edition BMW M4 marks anniversary

It was built to celebrate 30 years since the original convertible M3. So tell us BMW - why is the BMW M4 Convertible Edition 30 Jahre 1 not called an M3 then?

Of course, we were all left very confused those years ago when BMW decided to change the name of the iconic M3 to M4. Yes, we understood the logic of it but could not digest the German'ess in the decision: Beats us why a sports car has to follow the logic of a naming sequence just to settle the obsessive compulsive disorder of some naming engineer.

Still, it does not change the fact that in dedication to the original M3 convertible, this M4 is a very cool addition, despite the fact that you will only be able to buy it in two colours - Macao Blue metallic and Mandarin II uni. That means blue and yellow by the way.

Only 300 will be built and it is unclear whether or not any will come to South Africa; however we’d be confident to say that surely a few would, considering the fact that South Africa buys BMW M cars like it buys chappies and has one of the largest Motorsport showrooms in the world, in Pretoria.

Each Edition 30 Jahre will get the M Competition Package as standard, which means the straight-six motor will push out 331kW and bark like a Robertsham Rottweiler. Nice!

So come on BMW. Don't be that guy! Bring a few over... Let's make a jol of it.