Boring Peugeot not so boring anymore?

There’s a name we never hear much of anymore: Peugeot! But, are things changing with the new 508?

If you’re expecting us to tell you something that you could never have guessed when it comes to boring ol' Peugeot, well, you’re going to be very disappointed. No, this is not a secret monster with a massive engine, nor is it hiding some outrageous tech.

Like you expected, it’s just a sedan with a massive boot and looks like something out of 80s suburbia. Significantly it doesn't look like a Peugeot at all really and we're trying to figure out if that's a good or a bad thing.


It's a bad thing. Or wait - is it? We can't really tell because this car looks as boring as a door mat and that does an injustice to the door mat here at GT MAG because our door mat at least says "Howzit" in some cool font.

This is the new 508, which Peugeot is hoping will boost the “stagnant” D-segment and make you look twice. Incidentally, you probably won’t, but it does arrive with some significant safety tech if being safe on the road is your top priority. Of course, being safe should always be a priority to some degree or another so know that it arrives with a night vision system, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist and active blind-spot monitoring. Cool.

But, to be fair, so do most of its better looking competitors. So, is boring Peugeot not so boring anymore? No. It’s still the same old Peugeot. As boring as boring can be... Ps. We actually really liked the Peugeot 206 GTi back in day so it's not all bad. It means then that all is not what it seems at Peugeot and perhaps there's a few tricks up their sleeve. We're not giving up just yet!