New Ferrari 488 Pista is fantastico!

The new Ferrari 488 Pista will feature Ferrari’s most powerful V8 ever. Sick!

The new Ferrari Pista arrives with a set of white stripes that anyone will tell you actually makes it go faster. No, we don’t understand the science of it but we’re confident enough to spread the truth: Anything with GT Stripes drives faster because whoever is driving loves to play with the accelerator!

As it so happens this particular accelerator is extremely dangerous and when pushed flat drops a 529kW bomb with enough torque to send you to into a state of whip lash, 770 times over.

Yes, this is the Pista, Ferrari’s new and pretty super car and, if ever you thought that the sound of the V8 was dying, how wrong you were: Ferrari has thrown you the big middle finger and tuned ‘Signor, we don’t play no games so step aside!'

This is the most powerful V8 to ever feature in a Ferrari and as such, it makes most other V8s look a little silly. For know this: 0-100 to 2.85 seconds is so blitz that you’d think it was blerrie electric. But nope! No electricity here. This is a pure carbon spewing mess of genius and we’re not quite sure if we love it more because of that. No doubt, our green compass, normally very strong, is emotionally confused at the moment.

I mean, check at the thing! It looks phenomenal; no doubt sounds it too - and, to be honest, we’re ecstatic that it goes like a Ferrari should, carbon noises and all!

0-200 in 7.6 seconds and a 338km/h top speed are just two more numbers that endear us to it and reinvigorate our sense of childhood madness and the reason why we dreamed about cars like this in the first place.

It's perfect!

But, as with most things dreamy and perfect, they come with a dreamy price too. Expect this Pista to launch north of R5-million when it arrives, although we can’t be sure for the moment. Hopefully nothing too outrageous (if of course 5-bar isn't outrageous enough already). As for the name, apparently it means track in Italian. We however, think that it does not... Instead, we think it derives from a screaming Italian who saw a McLaren Senna and tuned “I’m-a pista off-a. Now I mak-a better Ferrari than that stronso!” Well. Jokes on him. The Senna trumps it to 100km/h by half a microsecond – but, then again, that McLaren costs about R8-million more. Ouch!

We'd have the Pista any day.