Zerouno Roadster unveiled!

It's here! The convertible version of the super rare Zerouno and, as expected, it's not the prettiest thing you'll see today.

Rumours all across the internet have this thing priced anywhere from R17-million to R27-million and truth be told, we don't understand why. The back side of the thing is horrible and looks like a bit of (what South Africans like to call) a back-yard jobbie.

Now, we respect any back yard jobbie, from the plains of the Free State to the urban (not so wonderland) of Boksburg because at least these are full of homemade character and are there to be loved by the brilliant car-lover who welded it together.

But, with prices ridiculous enough to buy a Camps Bay mansion, Zerouno at least have to offer something that makes the jaw drop. Now, this certainly makes the head turn, but whether or not it makes the jaw drop is extremely debatable!

Seriously, are we missing something here? What do you think

As for the performance of the thing, well it's respectable enough. Find out more about some of its numbers right here!