New Porsche 911, first pics, hybrid tech?

In what must be the oddest unveiling of the century, Porsche has revealed its new 911 with an executive staring at it. BTW – it might just be hybrid!

The first official images of the new 911 have filtered through and have been unveiled alongside an executive who has been pasted three times over in one of the pictures, and is staring at it like a trio of bored gangsters. Mmkay…

Now, it’s not the official unveiling of course so you can’t really get a sense of it yet – deliberately so – but you’ll be unsurprised to know that the new Porsche 911 looks like the old one. Nothing wrong with that!

But, the most significant news, although not official yet, comes from the technical side of things, which suggest that this new 911, or at least a version of it, will be a hybrid. Still, it will feature the famous flat-six that we love and that is unlikely to be going anywhere for some time to come.

Oh yes, you’ll also be happy to know that this new Porsche will feature a steering wheel. Jip, the guy in the picture, August Achleitner, the director of the 911, said that the Porsche 911 will be one of the last cars to go autonomous. That’s good to know!

As for this 911, expect it to be unveiled around September! Lekker.